Monday, July 27, 2009

End July Cash of Delivery Sales...Havana is coming!!! stocks are coming....
Insyallah this weekend ada lagi Cash on Delivery sale
sesiapa yg interested nk beli crocs lagi ..sila call 0132527866/0133941302 for further details...
ada Havana, Malindi, Olivia, Cyprus, Alice, Patricia, Cleo, Mary Jane Minniey, Adara, Malindi Leopard for women
ada Baya, Offroad, Santa CruzTidelines Denim, Electro for mens
and Minnie MAryJane for girls
Price range from RM100 to RM40 jek... so...jom serbu....
Utk delivery juga di buka.... sila call and paid full payment once stok yg u all nak confirm available....
see ya!!!
( utk delivery..send me your email details on order size and colour together with RM20 deposits per pair, for COD, just pay me when u get your shoes.....)
XOXOXO Ayien crocs!!
Price Range
1.Electro- RM75
2.Baya - RM60
3.Santa Tidelines Denim- RM75
4.Offroad- RM75
5.Havana - RM100
6.Cyprus - RM75
7.MAlindi - RM75
8.Malindi Leopard- RM70
9.Adara, Cleo - rm70
10.Alice - RM60
11.Olivia - RM60
12. Patricia - RM75
13.Athens for mens- RM60
14. Minnie Mary Jane for girls- RM40

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